Success Recalibration

Modern success is so commonly associated with materialism and status. Real success is happiness and freedom while true wealth is health.

The Random Writer
7 min readJan 21, 2021
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I’ve worked corporate jobs where people make an astonishing amount of money but are still not happy. You’ve heard the saying, ‘money doesn’t buy happiness’, while it’s true, money can bring happiness but like everything in life you need balance. Money makes life easier but happiness is a lot harder to achieve.

Too many people get caught in the rat race of making more and more money, thinking that one day like the flick of a switch they will be happy. They keep telling themselves, “Once I make X amount I will be happy”. They make X amount but then push the goal to Y, and so the cycle continues.

Success can be achieved right now in the present by rethinking your priorities in life.

I will cover the traditional meaning of success and how to achieve fame and fortune but let’s first explore the new success; freedom, happiness and health.

Write down what matters to you most in life. This will help you to define your actions and goals in order to achieve success in life. Personally I define success as having the freedom to do what…



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